Time has become more important concept for people, in the digital world than ever before.
The period, we live in, and the importance of online education has increased and it has become popular, and easy to acquire knowledge at the fingertips, on any topic.
Online education saves people both time and Money. In addition, to all these, it offers users the opportunity to choose with thousands of options.
With the pandemic, that affected the whole world in 2020, Online education and consultancy services increased by 16000% in some countries, and Many studies and surveys conducted around the world, reveal that online education and consultancy services are increasing day by day.
A training, where distance or online education can be completed, at self pace and from anywhere, it can be live, video, audio, content that can be repeated, live and active participation and interaction, is possible as in the virtual classroom application, file sharing is possible, measurement and follow-up are provided easily and in the best method.
Distance education can and is used as an effective and efficient education method in every period.
In parallel, with the constantly developing internet infrastructure and the development of digital devices, the way of education and habits are changing around the world.
At this point, MYED is a project designed to take place in changing and digitalizing the Education world
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